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France Demands Carbon Footprint on Transport Further Details

Date: 23/4/2013

Further information is now available about the French national requirement for CO2 reporting for transport services, both passenger and freight.  The information is available in various forms below.  It is worth noting that this is a general requirement for transport service providers which provides general guidance on the methodology to be used (in accordance with the forthcoming CEN standard EN 16258) and specifies the emissions factors to be used for the various energy sources along a transport chain.

The French "Observatoire Energie Environnement des Transports" (OEET), the organisation where the French legislation on CO2 emissions from transport services was debated since 2008 now has several web pages, see (in French language): . There is additionally a single English language summary at: .

A summary of the requirements of the regulation (in English) can be downloaded here and a presentation explaining the history, development and implementation (in English) can be downloaded here.

The actual decree itself can be downloaded in English translation here, or in the original French by following this link.  

An annex to the decree confirming 1st October 2013 as the date when it will come into force can be downloaded in the original French here, or by following this link.  

A full guide on the implementation of the decree can be downloaded here.

Information about the emissions factors to be used (in English) can be downloaded here, or in the original French here, or by following this link.

In addition the French ministry recently presented an update on the application of their carbon footprint reporting at UNECE in Geneva on 6th November 2012. the presentation is available to download here or from the UNECE website: .

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