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Calculation Tools

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol

An international suite of excel tools designed to help understand and manage GHG emissions. The list of tools includes one for transport & mobile emission sources.  See also the GHG Protocol corporate standard for greenhouse gas reporting.

ECOTransIT World Calculation Tool

The calculation of energy consumption and emission data of a worldwide transport chain can be done rather quickly with the help of EcoTransIT World. Start your own calculation free of charge here

UK Low Carbon Transport Steering Group

Scope 3 Third Party Road Freight CO2 emissions pilot model (Excel) 

NTM Calculators (Basic Freight Calculator / Basic Travel Calculator)

The Network for Transport and Environment, NTM is a non profit organisation, initiated in 1993 and aiming at establishing a common base of values on how to calculate the environmental performance for various modes of transport.

Map & Guide

Multilingual Route Planning tool which also includes route-based CO2 calculation based on EN 16258 and French Law.

GREET Fleet Footprint Calculator

Full life cycle US tool designed to help evaluate various vehicle and fuel combinations on a full fuel-cycle/vehicle-cycle basis.


This suite of models is used to predict emissionfactors and energy use factors that are representative for vehicle fleets in different countries. Emission factors aredifferentiated for various vehicle types and traffic situations, and take into account real-world driving conditions. VERSIT+ can be used for investigating national greenhouse gas reduction strategies as well as local air quality improvement.

Freight Transport Association / Heriot Watt University Decarbonisation Model

Spreadsheet tool which allows modelling of current and future CO2 emissions from a company's freight transport operations.

World Ports Climate Initiative (WPCI)

Scope 1 and 2, and Scope 3 calculation tools for GHG emissions for ports, either focussing on landside emissions or extending boundaries to cover associated shipping.

LogEC logistics Emissions calculator

The LogEC emissions calculator data sheet can be downloaded here.

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