The COFRET project is co-financed
by European Commission Directorate
General for Research & Innovation as
part of the 7th Framework Programme
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its.jpgThe principal objective of Institute's activities is to limit the inherent dangers of the road traffic, and protect the environment against the negative influences of the rapid development of the motor transport. Other activities include carrying out vehicle type approval tests, in-service research and vehicle tests under real conditions, tests of materials, equipment and car components - mainly for the safety aspects of use, alternative fuel tests, as well as monitoring and research tests on pollutant emission and fuel consumption for motor vehicles in micro and macro scale. These topics are only a few examples of the Institute's research activity, but the whole research and services possibilities are much broader.

ITSW - Motor Transport Institute - is involved in WP7 - COFRET Dissemination

Partner Contacts: Wojciech Gis / Piotr Pawlak

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