The COFRET project is co-financed
by European Commission Directorate
General for Research & Innovation as
part of the 7th Framework Programme
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Transport & Travel Research Ltd

TTR LogoTransport & Travel Research (TTR) is an established, medium-sized consultancy company specialising in the field of transport policy research. We focus on the role of transport in the wider contexts of sustainable development and social inclusion focusing on understand the impact of innovative transport policies and measures on travel behaviour and attitudes, on energy consumption, the environment, and on social issues.

TTR offers advice and research to support planning and decision making at all stages of transport system development including Feasibility and scoping studies; System specification; Project planning; Project management; Project monitoring and evaluation and Policy analysis and review.

Key areas of Expertise for TTR are; Market & social research; Stakeholder consultation; Public transport; Rural transport; Travel plans; Travel awareness; Transport, energy & environment; Intelligent transport systems; Passenger information systems; Demand management & road pricing; Transport & disability; Social exclusion; European transport research and demonstration projects.

TTR is the lead for WP7 - COFRET Dissemination.

Partner Contacts: Alan Lewis
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